Top 4 Flooring Trends in 2022

Flooring Trends

Base to your home is the flooring used in the house, which primarily denotes what kind of ambiance you prefer to live in. When thinking about the changes or reinstallation of the flooring, making it trendy isn’t bad. While looking for trends, it is also essential to consider the foot traffic in the house and what serves most of your requirements, if not all.

Many things in flooring are changing with the upcoming trends in the market. Therefore while looking to change the floor, it becomes essential to explore all the top flooring trends and analyze them to ensure they serve your purpose better than anything else.

What is the Most Trending Floor in 2022 for New Homes?

No matter how much forward we move in time, what class a wooden floor can offer is not matched by anything else. Even in 2022, wooden floors remained the most trending with the introduction of some new patterns. During this time, white oak and oversize planks are preferred by many, along with water-resistant engineered hardwood. The textures like wide planks, Hadscrped wood, or wire scraped wood are chosen by many. Those who do not prefer dark colors choose bleached or blanched wood in blonde or ashy white color. All these options are available to explore and analyze at the top flooring company in Arizona.

Vinyl Planks

Other Patterns to Explore in 2022

1. Vinyl Planks

This flooring still offers and brings in the most exciting patterns and designs and offers wide customization options. The long life provided by the flooring, along with scratch or crack-resistant structure, made it one of the best flooring in Arizona and the choice of many for areas like the kitchen.

2. Laminate Flooring

This type has offered the most convenient feature of water and scratch resistance in combination with a wide choice of designs, patterns, and affordable price tags. The scratch-free quality of the flooring makes it the most preferred one for houses with pets. All the best flooring companies offer vast choices in lamination flooring, and this one can be installed by many as DIY projects.

Concrete Tiles

3. Concrete Tiles

Distressed concrete patterns are returning in the trend with perfectly crafted tile or wooden plank. This stonelike texture offered by concrete is preferred by many to decorate the interior of the house. With the quality of clean and natural-looking patterns, the concrete is also available in various designs and colors. Flooring company Phoenix provides unique patterns and prints the concrete flooring type like industrial style.

4. Decorative Tiles

This option is also widening the range by offering the flooring with unique designs and colors to match up with the other interior of the house. Different shapes, sizes, and patterns to be created creatively with it have been the most attractive feature of tiles.

Wrapping Paragraph

The flooring industry is one of the ever-flourishing and continuously updating industries that never settles and keeps bringing innovative products. While exploring those patterns in the trends, it is necessary to look out for weather conditions, family footprints, and other requirements to be fulfilled.