Your Complete Guide to the Latest Flooring Styles


Whether building your dream house or renovating, focusing on the flooring is essential. It is what grants the house an ambiance and binds the walls, furniture, and accessories together. Now, the question is how to pick flooring styles that suit your needs best. In this article, we will offer a complete guide to some of the best flooring in Arizona.

In the earlier days, floors mainly were limited to hardwood planks. The use of hardwood instead of dirt and stone was seen as a mark of aristocracy. As time passed and the 20th century swooped in, there was a substantial rise in different flooring varieties like tiles, carpets, vinyl, and laminate. On the other hand, engineered hardwoods came into the picture and gained popularity. Each has a separate set of characteristics and styles, which makes them unique and is discussed below.

Flooring Types

1. Hardwood

Since hardwood floors have been a trend for a long time, it is only fitting to start with them. These are solid wood that is smoothened into planks. Preferably options include oak, maple, walnut, bamboo, etc. According to the experts at a top flooring company in Arizona, hardwood floors are an excellent choice for shared spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, et cetera. However, it is essential to note that hardwood is extremely high maintenance and should not be exposed to areas with high humidity and moisture level. These days, engineered hardwood floors have become a trend. They provide the same aesthetic as solid wood, are waterproof, and are less prone to warping.

2. Porcelain Tiles

For generations, porcelain has been a popular choice among the masses, especially regarding vases and other furniture forms. These days flooring company Arizona offers porcelain tiles. These are a type of ceramic tiles that are crafted out of refined clay and baked at a temperature higher than usual. However, they are slightly more expensive and offer tough resistance against cracks and scratches.

Flooring Types

3. Laminate

Nowadays, some of the best flooring stores Arizona offers give great importance to laminate floorings. These come with a base layer of fibreboard, a photorealistic image layer of wood, tile, etc., and a protective transparent plastic guard. This multilayer mechanism makes it highly adequate for households with kids, heavy furniture, and pets while creating a modernized ambiance.

4. Patterned Carpet

During the Victorian era, carpets were quite popular. They were found in almost all aristocratic households but lost their charm because of high maintenance. Thanks to the millennials of the 21st century, carpets are back with a bang. Nowadays, patterned carpets are one of the renowned choices put forward by the best flooring company. These come in two types: the carpet tiles, which are small segments ranging from 16″ to 24″ and can be fixed using adhesive, and the broadloom or way-to-way carpet.

5. Vinyl Flooring

The following style to make the list is the vinyl floorings crafted out of plastic. These are water-resistant surfaces that are available in different forms like planks, sheets, and tiles. Not just that, they can protect against standing water for an extended period, making them perfect for areas with high humidity and moisture.


Floors are one of the best parts of any house as they can add to the ambiance like none other. This is why it is time for all you householders not to fret and pick a flooring style that suits your needs best.